CroiYoga for Prenatal

Some Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

A CroiYoga prenatal yoga and mindfulness course is a great way to prepare for your pregnancy, labour and beyond! Regular practice increases strength and stamina and gives you the confidence to move through your pregnancy with ease and grace. Mindfulness meditation and breathing exercises help you to visualise and prepare for a calm and controlled labour and birth experience.

  • Increased Energy Levels & Reduced Fatigue

  • Bonding with Your Baby

  • Increased Strength, Confidence & Stamina

  • Improved Posture, Stability & Balance

  • Better Breathing

  • Improved Sleep Through Relaxation Techniques

  • Meeting other Mums-to-Be in your area

  • Relief of Physical, Mental & Emotional Tension

Prenatal Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to start a class after the first trimester of your pregnancy, that is, after 14 weeks. During the first trimester, your body is going through many changes. Rest and relaxation are recommended during this time until energy levels have returned to normal. If you are unsure, ask your doctor. You may join a prenatal yoga class anytime during the second or third trimester. It is never too late – better to attend a few classes than none at all.

You will learn a range of safe, gentle postures and movements specifically adapted for pregnancy which will help to strengthen, tone and stretch all of the necessary muscle groups in the body. These yoga postures will help to prepare you for labour, delivery and motherhood. Breathing and mindfulness techniques will help you to conserve energy and cope with any anxiety or emotional issues your might encounter during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. These practices combined promote a positive outlook which can help to reduce the need for medical intervention during delivery.