Yoga is an ancient method of relaxation, exercise and healing that dates back about 5,000 years was originally designed by men for men. Yoga won’t transform you into a super-sensitive, all touchy-feely, less manly man – but yoga will improve your everyday life. So, grab your mat and get ready.

Here’s 6 things to expect from CroiYoga Men’s Class

1. Touch Your Toes Finally!

Have you ever asked yourself how it would feel if you could actually touch your toes? We have good news for you: doing yoga could help you reach this goal. Practising yoga not only improves your flexibility, but also increases your range of motion, both of which can help prevent sport injuries. Plus, stretching aids muscle recovery and repair, allowing you to upgrade your workout routine faster and more efficiently.

2. Calm Down Man

Whether its performing a sport with a certain goal in mind or sitting in an office with constant distractions around you being able to concentrate on a certain task and at the same time be aware of what is going on around you is not easy. And that’s where yoga comes in handy. It can help you tame your inner beast and more importantly, enhances your ability to focus. It can also help relieve stress and improve your energy levels.

3. Get Stronger

Yoga is more than just stretching – the postures (called Asanas) are a series of focused isometric contractions combined with specific breathing techniques that target flexibility, mobility and strength. It not only strengthens your core by engaging it in practically every yoga pose to stabilise your body but by using your own weight, you minimise the risk of injuries as your body only moves in a way that it was designed to.  Don’t expect yourself to be super flexible and mobile after you’ve taken your first yoga class though; it takes patience and time, but it will pay off in the long-term.

4.  Get Leaner and Taller

Another benefit that comes from working with your body weight is that it makes your muscles lean and defined, while having a lower impact on your joints than you would have during a regular weight lifting session. If you supplement your workout routine with a yoga practice once a week, you will activate sections of muscles that are usually ignored (for example the serratus anterior, also called “boxer’s muscle”, that is located under your armpit and gets activated while doing the downward dog).

Sitting in an office or car all day can lead to horrible posture, whereas a regular yoga practice helps to improve your stance by strengthening your core and lengthening your spine. Another great side effect: having good posture leads to a more self-confident appearance.

5. Get Better Sleep

The next time you find yourself wide awake at 3am calculating how many hours, minutes and seconds of sacred sleep you have left until you have to get up, stop tossing and turning and start doing yoga. Research shows that a regular practice can relieve insomnia as well as improve your overall sleep quality, efficiency and duration and cures symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and stress. And, as lack of sleep can lead to other health issues such as cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure and diabetes), depression and obesity, finding effective treatment for insomnia should be high up on your to-do list. Studies have shown that yoga also regulates the stress hormone cortisol that can lead to a weakened immune system if it is imbalanced. Yoga can help form the basis of a long-term, sustainable lifestyle that helps you have a more profound and longer sleep, as well as better overall wellbeing.

6. Get Clean

No, we are not talking about being more hygienic. Yoga can have a cleansing effect on your body by promoting detoxification and healthy digestion. As you twist and turn during the practice, you massage your inner organs, stimulating your digestive system. It is also said that regular yoga can support a radical change of your lifestyle, and can help you in being a more aware and balanced human being.

Mens Yoga Class Times

20:00 pm - 21:15 pm

Mens Yoga Class Details

Catherine Callaghan
CroiYoga Studio, Bunclody, Co. Wexford
€60 for 6 Weeks/€12 drop in
Monday September 4th 2017