Catherine Callaghan

Hi, I’m Catherine and I’m the founder of CroiYoga. Croí means heart in the Irish language. I am passionate about wellbeing, being well. I believe the key to our wellbeing lies firstly in making time in our day to be still and breath and secondly in learning the art of letting be. Yoga and mindfulness practices for me encompass both of these two principles and because yoga and mindfulness have had such a transformative effect on my life, I would love for everyone to get in on the act You are never too old or too tired or too inflexible to start. My mother practiced yoga in the 1970s and she continued to practice her pranayama (yoga breathing exercises) well in to her 70s! She is my inspiration so when I teach yoga, I teach it from mo chroí, my heart. I know if yoga can have such a profoundly great effect on my mother’s life and on my life, it is possible for everyone’s life to be enhanced and improved by the practice of yoga and mindfulness. Ask your heart, What have I got to lose in trying?